I love contributing to action-packed, story-driven, family-friendly media featuring fantastic creatures, characters, monsters, and environments.
My artistic interests lend themselves best to fantasy, science fiction and all-around stylized, cartoony, light-hearted, and whimsical subject matter.



Animal Jam | Wildworks, SLC, UT, Sept 2016-May 2017
• Created Promotional and Marketing material for Animal Jam and Animal Jam: Play Wild
• Illustrated various cartoon animals in various settings to promote seasonal events
• Designed animal avatars to celebrate the promotion of significant players (Jambassadors) in the game

Disney Interactive | Avalanche Software, SLC, UT, June 2014-July 2016
Concept Artist | Marketing Artist
• Created Concepts and Marketing material for Disney Infinity 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 (4.0 unreleased)
• Created conceptual artwork for characters, environments, vehicles, creatures, etc
• Provided final polish on all Infinity figurine marketing imagery

Poptropica, Oct. 2010-June 2014
Concept Artist | Game Designer
• Created and designed characters, environments, games and animations
• Designed gameplay for story episodes and mini-games

American Legacy Publishing, Lindon, UT, Oct. 2009-Sept. 2010
• Created cartoons and realistic illustrations for Math, Social Studies, and Science publications

Sensory Sweep, West Valley, UT, July 2007-Jan. 2009
Concept Artist
• Credited in published game: The Tale of Despereaux
• Designed sketches and Illustrations for The Tale of Despereaux cut scenes
• Designed creatures, characters, environments, vehicles, and also imagery for game pitches

Waterford Research Institute, SLC, UT, Feb. 2002-May 2007
Concept Artist | Multi-media Artist
• Created entertaining illustrations, animations, and interactive educational games to help teach math, reading, and science


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects